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Telephone, Television and Microphone Accessories

Modern Digital Hearing Aids


Improve hearing and speech understanding in most situations. But there are still some situations they cannot completely help with on their own. This may be when you’re on the phone, watching TV or in a noisy place. Following these  conversations can still sometimes be difficult and frustrating. There is now a wide range of accessories that can complement your hearing aid or can be used as standalone devices to improve speech understanding in more challenging situations. Most manufacturers have their own system designed to work with your hearing aids.


Many Hearing Aid  manufacturers have their own Telephone that will work with their own products. The great thing about these phones is that they send 100% signal to both ears to deliver the clearest sound possible.  For some people with severe to profound losses who struggle with the telephone this can be a life changing addition to a hearing aid package for other people with mild to moderate losses it is still a great improvement. Most hearing aids from the last five years have some form of wireless signal and these phones can often be set up to existing hearing aids. Please contact us for more information or a trial.


Even with great Hearing Aids the sound from a television can be weak and unfortunately some  people go back to Subtitles or Headphones. The reason is that with modern flat screen televisions the sound is often delivered from the back of the television and has no depth of sound. A Television Link cuts outs these speakers and send sound direct to the hearing aids giving very clear precise sound and normally the ability to turn off those subtitles. Please contact us for more information or a trial.

Remote MicrophonesTV Link

Some of the Leading Manufacturers of Hearing Aids now have some form of a Remote Microphone or in simple terms an extra microphone that another person can wear reducing distance to the sound we want to hear. The result being to help further in challenging situations and improve speech in loud noise, over distance and when there are several speakers. The most sophisticated is the Roger system by Phonak which has cutting edge twin microphones with noise cancellation and fantastic directionality. Please contact us for more information or a trial.

Remote Controls

It sounds simple but an easy to use remote control can give greater control over ever changing enviroments that we encounter daily. Almost all Hearing Aid Manufacturers have a form of remote control and they can be a great addition. Please contact us for more information or a trial
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