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Hearing Protection

Sussex Audiology Centre can provide a wide variety of hearing protection and in-ear monitors for all types of trade, sport or hobby.

We undertake an initial consultation and thorough check of your ears.  We then discuss with you the type of hearing protection required and once decided we will then undertake impressions of your ears for the custom moulds.  It is important to ensure your ears are free from any wax build up before impression taking can commence.  We then send the impressions off to a company called ACS which specialises in custom made hearing protection. 

We would recommend allowing approximately 2 weeks for these to be made and sent back to us.  Once we have received the custom made hearing protection back we will then contact you to arrange an appointment for collection and check they fit ok.

Please click on the button below to see the types of hearing protection and in-ear monitors available and the cost. All fees include our consultation, the products and fitting.

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