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Hearing Aid Glasses
  • Exclusive 
  • Discreet 
  • Comfortable 
Exclusive, discreet and comfortable to wear, spectacle hearing aids are the perfect single solution for sound and vision. As the position of your spectacles is something you are already used to, Spectacle Hearing Aids can be quickly forgotten about.
A very small market in the UK but an important area for people who wish to combine their sight and hearing in one item. With a wide range of frames and/or your own personal style frame (certain restrictions may apply) there are solutions to suit everyone. 
Spectacle Hearing Systems use some of the latest technology to deliver pristine sound. This means that you hear better in noisy environments, and can stay active, engaged and connected to family, friends and life around you. 
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Which Spectacle Hearing Systems is right for you? 

There are 3 different types of Spectacle Hearing System that can be selected depending on your type and level of hearing loss, as well as your lifestyle. Each style uses the latest technology and directional microphones to receive sound from a number of different directions – this provides you with a natural listening experience. The small size of the hearing aid makes it a discreet and elegant solution. 
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At Sussex Audiology centre we like to offer a free Hearing Assessment so that you can come to see us at one of our clinics without any worry (or a Domiciliary Visit if necessary).

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