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We offer a free hearing assessment to people interested in hearing aids.

This takes around 60-90 minutes and includes a consultation with one of our qualified, experienced audiologists.

We undertake a history regarding your hearing and related health. We then have a look at the appearance of the ears, undertake a hearing test and finish with a discussion of the results including possible hearing aid recommendations.

If you would like to trial a hearing aid then we are able to offer this on a 30 day money back guarantee. The hearing aids that you would trial would be the exact hearing aid that you would wish to try and custom made where necessary. Being custom made does not affect the 30 day trial period. Hearing aids can take between one to two weeks to arrive. We offer all hearing aids on a 2 year warranty, one year's battery supply and comprehensive aftercare.

Our prices start from £500 for a digital hearing aid. Almost all of the hearing aids we offer have some form of remote control and simple to use accessories to help with the TV and/or Phone.

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Book Your Free Hearing Aid Assessment.

At Sussex Audiology centre we like to offer a free Hearing Assessment so that you can come to see us at one of our clinics without any worry (or a Domiciliary Visit if necessary).

  • Lifetime Aftercare
  • 4 year Warranty extension
  • 4 year batteries included
  • Price Match Guarantee
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