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Balance Rehabilitation

Balance rehabilitation is undertaken if you have been diagnosed with a known vestibular disorder such as a vestibular hypofunction, or have known stable menieres disease. 

The appointment consists of taking your medical history, filling out questionnaires and undertaking a series of tests which will assess your everyday balance.  This will inform us if there are any exercises that maybe of assistance.  It is not unusual to need 5 or 6 appointments to be clear of all balance issues.  The initial assessment is one hour long and follow-up appointments thereafter are 45 minutes.  All balance rehabilitation appointments currently only run in our Goring-by-Sea clinic.

Balance Rehabilitation appointments can only be made if a referral letter has been received by either a GP or ENT Consultant.  After every appointment a report is written and sent back to the referring GP or ENT consultant.

Call 01903 243300 to make an appointment